Abney Hall, Cheadle 5K Trail Run
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Abney Hall, Cheadle 5k Trail Runner
Abney Hall, Cheadle 5k Trail Run
Each race takes place at 09:30 on the
first Saturday of every month
Next Race: Saturday 04/06/2016
Race 67: 02/07/2016
Race 68: 03/09/2016
Race 69: 01/10/2016
Race 70: 05/11/2016
The Abney run is free of charge and sponsored by St Cuthbert's Church. Car parking, where required, is provided courtesy of The AA.
Additional details of the event can be found here.
Please register your details using the link below if you have not done so before. That way we will be able to update you directly by email.
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